The Fire from Within by Carlos Castaneda

The Fire from Within

Book Title: The Fire from Within

Publisher: Washington Square Press

ISBN: 0671732501

Author: Carlos Castaneda

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Carlos Castaneda with The Fire from Within

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Fire from Within is the author's most brilliant thought-provoking and unusual book, one in which Castaneda, under the tutelage of don Juan and his "disciples," at last constructs, from the teachings of don Juan and his own experiences, a stunning portrait of the "sorcerer's world" that is crystal-clear and dizzying in its implications.

Each of Carlos Castaneda's books is a brilliant and tantalizing burst of illumination into the depths of our deepest mysteries, like a sudden flash of light, like a burst of lightning over the desert at night, which shows us a world that is both alien and totally familiar -- the landscape of our dreams.